Advice on taxation across your organization;
Nurse in order to avoid double taxation of income. etc.

Advice and assistance for starting a business
  • Realization of procedures for registration of a firm us or change in a company's existing structure;
  • Assistance regarding an investment in Romania;
  • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies.
Taxes and duties
  • VAT;
  • Tax on profit / income;
  • Tax on dividends;
  • Advice on taxation within the organization
  • Assistance in order to avoid double taxation of income;
  • Optimization of taxes and payment solutions for minimizing them in accordance with the laws in force.
  • Checking the administrator management indicating the amounts collected, their destination and the payments made;
  • Checking all the records as provided by law for all forms of legal persons;
  • Highlighting the State and payment of the obligations resulting from the accounting activity;
  • Collection and payment of CASS, tax on income or profits;
  • Compliance with legal norms in force regarding the opinions and approvals necessary for the administrator to carry out the current payments, expenses or emergencies;
  • Compliance with the ceiling about making payments to service providers;
  • Checking the legality of the calculation made by the Administrator in determining, determining the causes of the perception of the service providers of the penalty amounts, the amount of the penalties to be paid in that period and who are guilty of their production;
  • Verification of all amounts received in cash Manager, faced with copies of receipts, Register of payments made by the Administrator's current service providers, their legality, and if the conditions under which a legal entity having large payment arrears to pay penalties to suppliers/administrator
  • Retrieving the records of some payments higher than the amounts receivable/within that period;
  • Establishment of the injury caused to persons and legal persons who are guilty of breaking the laws.
Professional services accounting
  • Financial accounting and management;
  • Registration chronological accounting articles based on primary documents;
  • Preparation of journal register, registry inventory, VAT journals and the book;
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with international standards;
  • Kredito monthly verification;
  • Drawing up the balance sheet, statements concerning taxes, tax sheets;
  • Establishment of the budget of revenue and expenditure;
  • Verification and certification of the balance sheet;
  • Balance consolidation checklist for groups of companies and their transposition in the balance sheet;
Advice and assistance
  • Analysis of financial flows and cash-flow situation;
  • Analysis of situation of debts and claims;
  • Consultation for Operations Division, merger, winding-up proceedings.
Personal services-payroll
  • Advice on preparation of personnel files;
  • The preparation, filing and prosecution of personnel files;
  • Preparation and submission of payroll wages;
  • Preparation and submission of personal rights obligations;
  • Developing tax records;
  • Recruitment services, personnel selection and placement.
Project management
  • Analysis of the business environment and opportunities for funding grants (European Union, the Romanian Government, the Sapard Agency);
  • The provision of the specific activities of Project Management for projects with grant.
  • The services we can provide in the form of packages (see offer) or partially according to the customer's option.

Package presented here are indicative, they are explicitly stipulated in the contract of service.

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