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About us

S.C. FIA GRUP ’94 S.R.L. is a company in which young operates a team of experienced staff and good theoretical and practical training. Company management consists of professionals, members of the Body of Chartered and Certified Accountants. Our headquarters is in Bucharest, Luigi Cazzavillan no. 9 Sector 1.

The company is registered in The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania no. In 2861, the main areas of activity are represented by accounting services, execution of accounting expertise and the provision of specialized services tax consultancy, business and management.
POur staff is oriented to customer needs, the company’s main objective is to identify the best solutions in the shortest time, support and assistance for new business development taking into account Romania’s specific legal and fiscal limitations. To this end, we developed a system of services tailored to customer needs, our group of specialists taking much of the operational tasks and freeing valuable time for companies; in addition to specialized financial services, our permanent cooperation with lawyers, notaries, legal experts, appraisers and certified auditors, etc. It provides the possibility of a rapid response to customer requirements. A separate package of services has been devised and customers of foreign nationals, who are regularly informed of the work done by their firms in Romania, through specific reports.

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Partnership advantages with FIA.

FIA GRUP ’94 offers advantages of economic, financial and managerial both small business and corporate development.

  • Our society has an extensive experience of the many problems with which she had met over the years for every customer experience put it on now to work for all beneficiaries our services financial consultancy.
  • Our employees are aware of legislative news on specific issues, and cooperation with law firms, audit, evaluation ensures perfect knowledge of the legislative framework that activates your companies.
  • All our customers are covered by contractual liability and the costs of our services are lower than the costs of carrying out accounting at the company by a similar personal and skills and qualifications.
  • By offering full service financial accounting and submitting multiple declarations and local reporting, save time and focus your efforts to achieve your company's specific objectives.
  • Our commitment is flexible and can meet any requirements and our services are available even for limited periods of time, without being subject to the restrictions of individual employment contract.

Who do we address?

The Company addresses a wide category of customers, who are Romanian and foreign legal persons classified as micro, small and medium enterprises, associations, research centers, etc. They work in various fields, including:

  • Production and micro consumer goods
  • Wholesale Trade internal and external (import / export)
  • Trade detailed
  • Wholesale and retail of pharmaceutical products
  • Our services
  • Software Production, services and IT advertising
  • Business brokerage
  • Agriculture
  • Production and logging
  • Marketing Research Services
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Ethics and Privacy

Company policyS.C. FIA GRUP ’94 S.R.Lis facing to ensure confidentiality of the information communicated by the customer or obtained for a client, even after the expiry of gears of collaboration. The keywords in carrying out our business are:

  • Confidence
  • Professionalism
  • Credibility
  • Quality of the customer

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